Two youngsters ordained as Epsaltoi

Now that his visual problems have improved following his recent operation at Moorfield’s Eye Hospital in London, Abba James drove His Beatitude Abba Seraphim to celebrate the Divine Liturgy at the Church of Christ the Saviour at Winton, Bournemouth, which they had last been to only thirteen months previously. They were supported by Hieromonk John Ives and Epsaltos Yuriy Kot but during the Liturgy Abba Seraphim ordained the two brothers, Dmitriy Sitnikov (aged 15) & Gregory Sitnikov (aged 10) as Epsaltoi as they have been regularly assisting Hieromonk John when he celebrates the Liturgy there.

Another family baptism at Babingley

Following his successful eye operation at Moorfield’s Eye Hospital, Abba James has now resumed driving his car and on Sunday, 7th November, he drove Abba Seraphim to the Church of St. Mary & St. Felix at Babingley, Norfolk, where he assisted Abba Seraphim in performing the baptism & chrismation of Jason Cvetkovs, the two year old son of Vjaceslavs Cvetkovs & Liudmyla Tsvietkova of King’s Lynn. The family were accompanied by several friends, of whom two became Jason’s godparents. Also among them was Jason’s elder brother, Ethan Cvetkovs, who had also been baptised & chrismated by Abba Seraphim at Babingley on 3 June 2018.

Following the baptismal service Abba Seraphim and Abba James celebrated the Divine Liturgy, at which Jason and his family with his godparents all received Holy Communion.

New edition of The Glastonbury Review

The latest edition of The Glastonbury Review No. 134 (September 2021) is now available from It comprises ninety-five pages, which include news items concerning the church as well as the text of Abba Seraphim’s lectures on “The Orthodox Church” given at St. Mary’s Ordinariate Chapel at Wateringbury, Kent on 29 May this year and “Spencer Perceval: Britain’s assassinated Premier” given to the Charlton Society on 26 October 2019. It also contains an article by Abba Seraphim “Using Traditional Liturgical Language”. It also contains obituaries of the recently deceased British Orthodox clergy: Father Silas Spear and Deaconess Sarah Metcalf as well as Tasoni Demyana Masoud of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate and the Indian (Orthodox Catholicos of the East: Mor Baselios Marthoma Paulose II. 

Older copies of The Glastonbury Review can be found here.

Orthodox Marriage at Charlton Church

On Sunday afternoon, 26th September, following the Divine Liturgy celebrated for St. Thomas’ Orthodox Parish at the Anglican Parish Church of St. Thomas, Old Charlton, Abba Seraphim undertook the Holy Matrimony of Lee Napier & Rodica Valeria (née Stăvila) Napier of Bath and, who were married under the secular civil law of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland on 25 September 2019 at the Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Registry Office in the County of Dorset. As Valeria was a Moravian Orthodox Christian and Lee was a Catholic they were anxious to undergo a solemn religious sacramental celebration of their marriage. Abba Seraphim was assisted by Abba James and Archdeacon Antony Holland whilst several friends and relations of Lee & Valeria also attended both services.

Transport problems to Chatham Church

On Sunday, 11th July, Abba Seraphim celebrated the Raising of Morning Incense & the Divine Liturgy at the British Orthodox Church in Chatham, accompanied by Abba James and the Reader Michel Mina of Exeter, Devon, who had stayed overnight at the British Orthodox Church Secretariat at Charlton. Because of the cancellation of many trains they set off from Charlton together around 6:45 am and were obliged to catch a ’bus down to Woolwich where, at 7:00 am they caught the 96 ’bus to take them to Dartford Railway station, where they arrived around 7:50 am and then caught the 8:09 am train from Dartford, which arrived at Gravesend at 8:25 am, following which they left from there on a train which finally arrived at Chatham at 9:05 am.