We are very sad at the news of the recent death of our sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth II and during all our church services we will maintain her in prayer for her repose in the Lord and encourage all our clergy and laity to recite a panikhida for her.

During the Divine Liturgy we will now change the prayers that we have used in services for our sovereign Lord King Charles III. In the Second Diaconal Litany the prayer should now say:
“For our Most Gracious Sovereign Lord King Charles, and all the Reigning House, with his whole Court and Council, let us pray to the Lord.”

And in “THE COMMEMORATION OF THE LIVING” the prayer should now be:

“Remember O Lord, our Sovereign Lord King CHARLES and all the Reigning House, with his whole, and Council. Remember the forces of the crowd and grant them from heaven and victory; touch their armour, shields arise to their help, and humble before them all their enemies. Set aright their plans, so that we may live a peaceful tranquil life in all piety and dignity.”