Damage to Babingley Church window repaired

Following the intruder’s damage to the Babingley Church window the Hunstanton Police arranged for it to be replaced with just a secure wooden board, for which we paid £240 to ‘Rapid Secure Company’; but we wanted the window to be restored to its original condition and engaged Gavin of ‘Heritage Windows’ of Norfolk to utilise the original damaged stained glass window as well as to replace the internal badly damaged window frame, which he has now done completely, for which we initially paid him £534 on 25 April and now he has fully completed it internally & externally we have now paid him a further £1,602.  These total repair costs amount to £2,376 but we have willingly undertaken these repairs to preserve the initial integrity of the Babingley Church.   My good friend, Lady Valeria Coke, gave me a cheque of £250 for the Church to help towards the payment of the replacement window.  Attached herewith are pictures of the damaged church windows and the current replacements.