Orthodox celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

The British Orthodox Church is resolutely Monarchist and as 6th February 2022 is the seventieth anniversary of the death of  King George VI and the accession of his daughter  as Queen Elizabeth II, the Divine Liturgy for this Sunday will include special prayers for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee and the commemoration of King George VI. Our queen’s great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria was previously our longest reigning sovereign, but only reigned for sixty-three years (1837-1901) whilst the longest reigning European monarch was King Louis XIV of France, who reigned for seventy two years (1643-1715). Metropolitan Abba Seraphim will commemorate our Queen’s Jubilee by celebrating the Divine Liturgy at the Church of St. Mary & St. Felix at Babingley, which is in the fields of the royal Sandringham estate in Norfolk.