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Bournemouth Weekend of Worship and Orthodox Spirituality

Advance notice of Bournemouth Weekend of Worship and Orthodox Spirituality: Friday evening 24th to Sunday 26th September 2010. Following various discussions over several years on how best to help the spiritual growth of new church members and members of the British Orthodox Fellowship, it has been agreed to hold two weekend retreats each year in spring and autumn. The general idea of the first one is to give people a taste of congregational worship involving some of the monastic hours of prayer as well as both Evening and Morning Incense and the Divine Liturgy and also to provide a general introduction to several areas of Orthodox spirituality.

Further information on this weekend, including booking forms, should be available in approximately two weeks’ time from:

Abba Seraphim asks for prayers for suffering Eritrean Christians

Video about Eritrean Orthodox Christians persecution, supported by In Chains for Christ. Visit us at

Abba Seraphim commends this short, but moving film, about our brethren the Christians of Eritrea and asks that we do not forget their suffering. His Holiness Abune Antonios is prayed for as the canonical Eritrean Patriarch in every service of the British and Coptic Church but we must not forget all those others suffering for their faith. Whilst we will uphold the Orthodox Faith to our last breath we cannot countenance the persecution of any one for the sake of their faith and we ask the Lord to comfort all victims of conscience and pray for their speedy release.

Service of Prayer to Remember His Holiness Patriarch Antonios of Eritrea and all Christians

Held at St. Mary’s-on-Paddington Green in London on Wednesday evening.

The Oriental Orthodox Churches were represented by Metropolitan Abba Seraphim of the British Orthodox Church (who chaired the proceedings), Bishop Angaelos (Coptic Orthodox) and Archbishop Mar Athanasios Touma (Syriac Orthodox). There was a strong ecumenical representation with The Rev’d Bill Snelson, General Secretary of Churches Together in England; the Bishop of Woolwich (The Right Rev’d Christopher Chessun) as well as Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Evangelical clergy present as well as representatives of Amnesty International, Aid to the Church in Need, Christian Solidarity Worldwide and Human Rights Concern – Eritrea. A Report of the meeting, with extracts from an interview with Metropolitan Seraphim by Martin Plaut (Africa Editor) was broadcast on the BBC World Service programme “World Briefing” on 28 June. Read more ►

Upcoming events

  • 19 April 2014
    • Joyous Saturday: Bournemouth
      Saturday Worship 10.00
      Paschal Vigil Liturgy 22.00
    • Eve of the Feast of Holy Pascha: Babingley
      Eve of the Feast of Holy Pascha (Orthodox Easter)
      4.00 -6.00 p.m A priest will be available for confessions.
      7.00 p.m. Divine Liturgy for Holy Pascha
  • 20 April 2014
    • Raising of Incense & Divine Liturgy: Doncaster
      Raising of Incense – 9:45am
      Divine Liturgy – 10:30am
    • Holy Pascha: Bournemouth
      Morning Prayer with Holy Communion 10.00
      Followed by Memorial Prayers, commencing at Church & continuing in
      Wimborne Road cemetery
    • No service: Babingley
      10.30 a.m. No service because of the celebration on Pascha Eve.

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