New edition of “Flesh of Our Brethren” published.

In 2006 Abba Seraphim published his book, Flesh of Our Brethren. An historical examination of Western episcopal successions originating from the Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch. It was the fruit of forty years of research and was acclaimed as an outstanding scholarly work, offering new insights into the modern history of the Syrian Orthodox Church. Now, eleven years later, a second edition has been published. The significant additions in this new edition include further discoveries about the family history of Bishop Julius Ferrette; as well as a newly discovered confirmation of his claims about his episcopal consecration, based on the published testimony of Brother Cyprian (C.A.W.D. Dundas) 1845-1874, who was Prior of an Anglican Benedictine community in Bristol. Following the attacks on Bishop Julius, Brother Cyprian, in company with Father William Malet (1803-1885), Vicar of Ardeley in Hertfordshire, travelled to Homs to meet his consecrator, the Ecumenical Metropolitan of Emesa, Julius (later to be elected as Patriarch of Antioch), with the French Consul acting as translator. At this meeting, “the Archbishop confirmed Bishop Julius’s statement as to having consecrated him as a bishop”. A revised Epilogue also chronicles the later history of the British Orthodox Church and its relations with the Patriarchates of Alexandria and Antioch.

The new edition, 320 pages with illustrations, is available both in Hardback and Paperback editions from

Hardback,   ISBN 978-1-4116-7836-1,  £19.95

Paperback, ISBN 978-1-4116-7037-2,  £14.95