Annual Pilgrimage to Glastonbury


Abba Seraphim led a pilgrim group to Glastonbury. Under the expert guidance of Subdeacon Paul Ashdown, on 10 June the group were conducted on a very thorough tour of the archaeological and historical sites of the Abbey, after which they visited the Catholic Shrine of Our Lady of Glastonbury.  In the afternoon they climbed St. Michael’s Tor, where the refreshing winds compensated for the heat of the day. The following morning, 11 July, Abba Seraphim celebrated the Divine Liturgy in the Undercroft of St. Mary’s Chapel in Glastonbury Abbey, assisted by  Father Simon Smyth, Deacon Anthony Holland and Subdeacons Paul Ashdown and Trevor-James Maskery. During the Liturgy, Dominic George was ordained as a Reader to serve the Bristol Mission. As the schedule for the Anglican celebration of the Pilgrimage had been changed from previous years and because he needed to return to London, Abba Seraphim was not able to attend the Anglican Eucharist in the afternoon, but sent Deacon Anthony and Subdeacon Paul to represent him, bearing one of the prosphoras from the morning Liturgy as a sign of fellowship.