Colloquium on Indian Christianity

London’s Warburg Institute hosted a lively colloquium on Indian Christianity 25 & 26 April under the title “Apostles and Heresiarchs. Representations of Early Christianity in 16th-17th Century India.” Abba Seraphim was among those who attended to listen to a number of scholars examine the crucial period when, in the wake of Portuguese colonialism, the Synod of Diamper (1599) subjugated the ancient Church of Malabar to the See of Rome. Of foremost interest was the evidence of the survival of a significant number of ancient theological and liturgical texts, previously believed to have been destroyed. Professor Istvan Perczel of Budapest,who has been among a dedicated team who have collected, digitalised  and catalogued over 1000 Syriac and Garshuni Malayalam manuscripts, spoke about the significance of these. Later papers on Portuguese missionary activities, and the interrelationship of the local and Portuguese clergy, provided deeper understanding on not just the theological and personal issues of the time but also economic and cultural  factors.