British and Coptic communities working together

On my journey towards the British Orthodox Church, I found myself in a situation where I was very much alone. This was due to the fact that the BOC had no congregation or mission within a two hour journey of my home. Consequently, with Gods help, I looked for and found the Birmingham Coptic Centre, which is only a ten mile drive from where I live. The journey takes about twenty minutes. I phoned the Coptic Centre and spoke with Fr Peter. I explained the situation and asked if I could see him. Fr Peter had previously met Abba Seraphim, and has great Christian love and respect for him.

I now attend the Coptic Centre almost every Sunday. My experience is that the Coptic Christians have been warm and generous in their acceptance of me. Furthermore, they seem oblivious to any distinction between the Coptic and BOC  Churches. I enjoy their look of amazement as I explain to them who we are. And I am frequently told that we are the same Church, which is very encouraging.

On Tuesday 4th May, I was baptised at the Birmingham Coptic Centre on behalf of Abba Seraphim and the BOC, by the Coptic Priest Fr Peter. Two English members of the congregation came along to support me. I also received much encouragement and emails from the Coptic Christians.

A new British Orthodox Fellowship group is about to commence. And I believe that Coptic Christians will support this venture. After all, it is our responsibility to bring the “Good News” to the people of this country. And as the task is so great, we need all the prayers and help that we can get.

Keith Bailey – Midlands Fellowship