Services resumed at Babingley Church

Following the necessity of closure as a result of the current Pandemic and also because a member of the clergy who drives to Norfolk from London has not yet undergone his eye surgery, after which he will then resume driving, our regular monthly services at St. Mary & Felix resumed on Sunday, 6 June 2021, in accordance with the government’s partial relaxation of the current pandemic lockdown.

Metropolitan Abba Seraphim and Abba James were driven there by James Carr, a long-term friend of the British Orthodox Church and they celebrated the Office of Morning Incense followed by the Divine Liturgy. As a result of considerable recent rain and sunshine, the grass in the Babingley churchyard had grown considerably, but was cut before and after the services by Abba James and James Carr. It is hoped that our regular monthly services will continue next on Sunday, 4 July with Metropolitan Abba Seraphim travelling to King’s Lynn from London by train, although in August there will be disruption on the railway, which at the present prevents a train booking to be made.  Details of our resumption of services will be published here online at the British Orthodox Church website.