Charlton Church Liturgy to resume

Following the government’s current relaxation of the Pandemic lockdown restrictions, the British Orthodox Church will resume its regular monthly celebration of the Divine Liturgy at the Parish Church of St. Thomas the Apostle at the corner of Woodland Terrace & Maryon Road, Charlton, London, SE7 8DJ, this coming Sunday, 23 May, with the Raising of Incense at 2.00 pm, followed by the Divine Liturgy (of St. James) at 2.30 pm. In accordance with the tradition which existed prior to the pandemic, the British Orthodox celebration will be held in the afternoon of the fourth Sunday in each month. Despite the relaxation of the lockdown, basic restrictions involving some degree of social distancing, providing hand sanitiser for those attending and encouraging the wearing of face masks will still be observed to protect the health of worshippers. The following further dates will be observed for the British Orthodox services at St. Thomas’ Church: 27 June, 25 July, 22 August, 26 September, 24 October, 28 November & 26 December 2021.

On Sunday, 23 May Abba Seraphim, assisted by Abba James, celebrated the Divine Liturgy at St. Thomas’s Church, it being the first time they had officiated there since 26th January 2020, after which the pandemic had began to spread in the United Kingdom.