Abba Seraphim suffers a fall and a fracture

On Wednesday, 25 September, whilst travelling, Abba Seraphim accidentally tripped over, with the result that he suffered cuts on his hands and also hurt his right arm, which became very painful. The next morning he attended the Urgent Care department at his local hospital so that they could take an x-ray of his shoulder. Unfortunately, it revealed a proximal fracture at the neck of the humerus. Such fractures don’t normally require surgery because the broken ends usually stay close together, which makes it easier for the humerus to heal on its own. However, the doctors require him to wear a Shoulder Sling, to restrict his arm’s movement in order to stabilise his shoulder. Healing times vary greatly depending on the type of fracture, but he will probably need to wear the sling for about six weeks. Abba Seraphim expresses his gratitude for all the many kind messages he has received in response to his accident, as well as the assurance of prayers for his timely and complete recovery. He trusts that he may continue to fulfil all his liturgical commitments, whilst Abba James’s role as his coadjutor will prove to be a significant and practical support in his current predicament.