Syrian Orthodox Vespers – Westminster Cathedral

Abba Seraphim, with other members and friends of the British Orthodox Church, attended the Syrian Orthodox Vespers celebrated at Westminster Cathedral by H.E. Archbishop Mor Athanasios.

Abba Seraphim was one of the ecumenical guests, together with Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira; Christopher Chessun, the Bishop of Woolwich, representing the Archbishop of Canterbury; and of course the host, Bishop Bernard Longley, representing Cardinal Murphy O’Connor.

Subdeacon Peter Theodore Farrington was in the congregation and writes that the service was most moving. The mixed choir was beautiful and some of the solo pieces were stunning. H.E. Mor Athanasios led the Vespers with great dignity, and it was wonderful to realise that we were hearing prayers and hymns being sung in the language used by Jesus Christ Himself.

There was a reception after the service but the event had been so popular that the reception room was completely packed.