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In 1960 the late Metropolitan Georgius wrote “Blind Lanes & Alleys” which was a brief study in Legitimate Monarchy and Anglican Episcopacy during the 17th and 18th centuries, which also included accounts of the Nonjurors, who were those bishops and clergy who refused to betray their oaths of allegiance to King James II, who was deposed in 1688 by the so-called “Glorious Revolution”. Recording the crisis between King and Parliament during one of the most turbulent times in British secular and religious history, this study begins with the major disruptions to the Monarchy and the Anglican Church leading to the Civil War and killing of King Charles the Martyr. The Nonjurors and their Orthodox British Church, the last bishop of which died in Manchester in 1818, were inspired by a sense of continuity and faith in the Apostolic and Orthodox faith and a respect for Britain’s ancient Christian roots. Apart from being a prolific author in his own right, Abba Seraphim has edited and republished this very readable account by his predecessor.

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