Memorial Brass erected in commoration of Archdeacon Mark

On Sunday, 7 April, following the celebration of the Divine Liturgy, a brass memorial tablet was erected on the inside wall of St. Mary & St. Felix British Orthodox Church at Babingley to the memory of the late Archdeacon Mark Saunders. Although Archdeacon Mark and his late wife are both buried in the churchyard, with an inscribed stone marking their joint grave, Abba Seraphim felt that it was both desirable and appropriate to also have a memorial inside the church. The tablet records Archdeacon Mark’s many years of ministerial service as well as the fact that he was a founder of the Orthodox community of St. Felix in Norfolk. The memorial plaque’s presence serves as a reminder to worshippers to pray for the repose of Archdeacon Mark. Also, as the clergy process around the church during the Raising of Morning & Evening Incense to gather up the prayers of the worshippers, along with invoking the prayers of the saints whose ikons are hung on the church walls, they also unite their prayers with the faithful departed who repose in the Saviour’s bosom in Paradise. The regular worshippers at St. Felix were joined by some members of Archdeacon Mark’s family, who were warmly welcomed by Abba Seraphim and Abba James.