Praying for the Departed on Remembrance Sunday

The annual commemoration of Remembrance Sunday was especially significant this year because of its falling on the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War; but at St. Alban’s British Orthodox Church at Chatham, it had added significance because Sunday, 11 November also marked the Fortieth Day since the repose of Metropolitan Bishoy and also of the death of a long-standing regular member of the congregation, Mario Scuotto, who died on 5 November aged 90 years.

Prayers were said for all these departed during the morning celebration of the Liturgy in a full church, after which the congregation also attended special memorial prayers. Speaking of the late Mario Scuotto, Abba Seraphim noted that he had been a most supportive neighbour to the church at Chatham, which he looked after and cared for with unstinting devotion, but also became a devout worshipper: so had truly demonstrated our Lord’s command of loving his neighbours as himself. In return he was held in great affection and respect by other regular worshippers. Following the services Abba Seraphim, Father James and Reader Michel – being the regular clergy at Chatham – called on Mario’s widow, Mrs. Jean Scuotto, to pay their condolences.