New Issue of the Glastonbury Review (No. 128) published

Issue No. 128 (October 2018) of the Glastonbury Review has just been published. This issue is 118 pages. The front cover carries a picture of Abba Seraphim with the late Metropolitan Bishoy, whose recent death is the front page news, whilst it also includes his obituary. The back cover has two coloured photographs of the Library of the British Orthodox Church as this issue also contains an article on the Church Library.

The “Here, There & Everywhere” section contains key items of news since the last issue with photographs.  The “Oriental Orthodox Church News” section contains a detailed report of the recent tragic murder of Bishop Epiphanius, the Abbot of St. Makarius monastery and an article on “The Impact of Political Change on the Church” specifically examining recent events in Armenia and Egypt.  Among the articles is one on British Orthodox Saints by Father John and “Image and Likeness. Mankind’s Original Calling” by Abba Seraphim. A valuable reprint of the long out of print “The Body of Christ. A Century on the Vision and Purpose of the Church”, which was originally published in 1989, offers a spiritual vision to complement the solid theological content of “The Glastonbury Confession”. Another regular feature is “Abba Seraphim’s Question Box” based on recent correspondence. The “Book Review” section covers a well illustrated guide to the Ecumenical Patriarchate headquarters in Istanbul; a new study by the leaders of the Orthodoxy Cognate Page Society on Western Rite Syriac-Malankara Orthodox Church. The Mission Untold and Hugh Allen’s scholarly study  on New Llanthony Abbey. Father Ignatius’ Monastery at Capel-y-ffin as well as notices of several new publications issued under Abba Seraphim’s auspices. One of these is a rare, previously unpublished manuscript from the British Orthodox archives,  Archbishop Mathew and the Old Roman Catholic Rite in England compiled by his successor, Archbishop Bernard Mary Williams; another George & the Dragon. The Controversial exchanges of Mar Georgius of Glastonbury & F.H. Amphlett Micklewright with a detailed introduction by Abba Seraphim; whilst the third is Ex Oriente Lux, Abba Seraphim’s well-researched book on the two nineteenth century Orthodox pioneers, Overbeck & Hatherly.  This issue concludes with obituaries of Father Theodore de Quincey, Deacon John Stuart and Metropolitan Bishoy. Copies can be obtained directly from