In the Footsteps of St David and St Patrick

Father Antony Westwood of St. Petroc’s British Orthodox Mission in Torbay will be co-leading a small group of pilgrims on a five-day pilgrimage in Pembrokeshire, West Wales from May 23-27 the journey is titled ‘In the Footsteps of St David and St Patrick’ and will be based at St Non’s Retreat House near to St. Davids. Father Antony is a leader for the non-profit making organisation, which started life in 1988 as ‘Pilgrim Adventure’ and leads small groups of people on pilgrimage to the more remote parts of Britain and Ireland, following in the footsteps of the early Celtic Saints.

As a Journeying leader and Orthodox Priest, Father Antony has discovered a deepened closeness to God through his travels to remote, liminal places and it is this ‘connecting on the edge’ that he wishes to share with others, and to this comes his ministry of the outdoors and his closeness to the early Saints of Britain and Ireland this in turn follows his deep appreciation of the Orthodox heritage of these islands maintaining two thousand years of tradition and life.