Holy Saturday at St. Felix

On the morning of 15 April, Abba Seraphim celebrated the Holy Saturday Liturgy at St. Felix, Babingley, assisted by Archdeacon James and Subdeacon Athanasius Hall.  He preached on the “Harrowing of Hell” to the congregation who had travelled from Holbeach, Wisbech, Burnham Norton and other surrounding villages in North Norfolk and  Lincolnshire, before travelling to Fakenham to take the sacrament to Deacon Mark Saunders; who is convalescing from a period of ill health, which has led to him being in hospital for the past few weeks. During this period Deacon Mark has received regular visits from Abba Seraphim and other regular worshippers from St. Felix Church, as he has made a steady recovery to full health. To mark the Paschal Feast the outside of St. Felix has been newly repainted and offered a festive appearance in the Norfolk spring sun.