Former British Orthodox bishop remembered

On 14 December 2016 it was with great joy that Abba Seraphim welcomed to the Church Secretariat three grandsons of a former British Orthodox bishop. Frederic Charles Aloysius Harrington (1879-1942) was consecrated to the episcopate in 1935, following the death of his wife, and largely ministered in the Islington area of London, where his service was based on a Chapel dedicated to St. Ignatius of Antioch. His early death was a great loss to the church, but he was greatly loved and his memory has always been cherished. His three grandsons, Leslie, Michael and David Harrington, who have been researching their family history, visited Abba Seraphim to hear about their grandfather’s  church ministry and to share family stories and memorabilia. Among the items preserved at the Secretariat is the pastoral staff made by their father, the late Patrick Harrington (1916-1989) for their grandfather’s consecration.