Archdeacon James Goddard remembered


Since his death in 1993, the friends of Archdeacon James I (Goddard) 1957-1993, have gathered each year on his birthday (21 October) to honour his memory with a commemorative dinner at which a collection is made in support of St. Christopher’s Hospice in Sydenham. Abba Seraphim presided and his namesake and successor, Archdeacon James II (Maskery), joined the company. Speaking about the gathering, Abba Seraphim noted that, whilst the church liturgically commemorates her departed faithful at various times of the year, it is a significant tribute to the high regard in which he was held, that for almost a quarter of a century, his friends still meet together; and express the fruits of their fellowship in their laudable support for the hospice where he spent his last days. Archdeacon James – Memory Eternal !