Abba Seraphim welcomes the Founder of Coptic Orphans


On 23 April, Abba Seraphim welcomed for tea at the Church Secretariat in Charlton, Nermien Riad of Washington DC, the Founder and Executive Director of Coptic Orphans. She was accompanied by Jean-Paul Markos, manager of Coptic Orphans’ UK office in London. While visiting London they came to speak with Abba Seraphim about the amazing way their ministry has been blessed and grown over the more than a quarter century since it was founded. Abba Seraphim, who lost his father at the age of four, shared with them his own experience of being supported through his education by committed Christians and spoke of the importance of empowerment of young people through education and spoke appreciatively of the important work being done by Coptic Orphans.