Deacon Daniel assists at the Indian Orthodox OCYM conference


Upon the invitation from father Thomas John of the Indian Orthodox Church in London, Deacon Daniel and his wife attended the Orthodox Christian Youth Mission conference held on 28th February 2015 at St Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church in Brockley. The conference theme was based on the verse ‘Man shall not live by bread alone’, in reference to the Holy lent period.

Deacon Daniel and his wife took on roles assisting the youth conference which had more than 140 delegates of aged between 11 to 25 years from across 23 parishes across the UK including Wales, Coventry and Belfast. Fr. Thomas John, who has always been a close friend of the British Orthodox Church, warmly welcomed the couple and introduced them to the youth leaders who coordinated this conference. Events included sing along sessions, Bible study, games, talks, discussions and a quiz based on Lenten practices in the Malankara Orthodox tradition.

During the afternoon session, Deacon Daniel and his wife spoke alongside Fr George Joy in a discussion of Lenten Challenges facing 11-18 year olds with regards to their faith and life as Orthodox Christians. In this, they were given the opportunity to guide the discussion as well as answer many of the questions that are often raised by young Orthodox Christians in relation to how to overcome challenges and temptations they face. Following this, the conference ended with a photo session of the delegates and organisers (See above) as well as a vote of thanks for all those involved.