Fraternal co-operation

Following the opening of St. John the Evangelist Coptic Orthodox Church at Bromley and the establishment of brotherly ties with its priest, Father Antonius Nagib, and members of the congregation, Father Sergius Scott, who has served as a General Priest since he relinquished the pastoral care of the Charlton congregation; met with Abba Seraphim to request a transfer to work in Bishop Antony’s Coptic Diocese of Ireland, Scotland, the North East of England and its affiliated regions. As this would enable him to have more frequent access to worship and the sacraments and to be more actively involved in general church life than is currently available at Charlton, Abba Seraphim gave his blessing to this request, whilst Bishop Antony was happy to welcome him. In commending him to Bishop Antony’s care Abba Seraphim thanked Father Sergius for his long years of service and wished him well in his new ministry at Bromley.