Baptism at St Alban’s Church in Chatham

On Saturday 2nd October Tina Hammond was baptised and chrismated at Chatham. The service was celebrated by Father Peter Farrington assisted by Reader Seraphim Mark and was well attended by regular Chatham parishioners as well as visitors invited by Tina.

Although our facilities are limited we were able to conduct the baptism in the Church using an inflatable baptistery, and after the  service the evening Raising of Incense was celebrated.

Tina has taken the baptismal name Marina.

The occasion ended with a small buffet including some home-made cake made by Father Peter’s wife Janet.  It was a very joyous occasion and a very great blessing to all who attended.

Sunday was a further blessing for Marina, as well as Father Peter when she received her first communion.
Please pray for Marina and for the congregation at Chatham, that we will continue to experience a time of growth in numbers.