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First Orthodox Liturgy celebrated at Mickfield in Suffolk

Getting started

The British Orthodox Church has a mission to bring the people of this country to Orthodoxy – with a British ethos. So how do you do that then, one might ask?

It is a question much in my mind at the moment. For some months, thanks to the kindness of Mark Wright, who, with his wife Faith has restored St. Andrew’s Church at Mickfield in Suffolk, and with the permission of Abba Seraphim, we have been holding fortnightly Orthodox evening prayer services at the Church; now we had decided to go one further – and have a Liturgy. Read more ►

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Abba Seraphim leads a study evening at Mickfield in Suffolk

Abba Seraphim came back to Mickfield in Suffolk on 24 November to speak on the Fathers and the Saints.

This was his third visit to us, and he asked whether this time, being more accustomed to him, we might have a more discursive style of talk; this turned out to be a very good idea, since we were able to have a good give and take in which most members of the audience were able to join ; it was certainly well suited to bringing out Abba Seraphim’s lively sense of wit. Read more ►

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Abba Seraphim leads a study evening at Mickfield in Suffolk

Abba Seraphim spoke at Mickfield in Suffolk at 7.30 p.m. on 22 September. He spoke on the Liturgy and Orthodox Worship. Asking ‘what do we mean by worship’, he spoke on the theme of God being ‘worthy’ of our adoration and prayer.

He reminded us that the Liturgy here on earth is but a reflection of the Divine Liturgy which is worshipped in Heaven; Protestants, he remarked, in one of those dry asides that also enlighten as well as amuse, might well be surprised at the incense hereafter! Read more ►

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