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Retirement of Dr. Williams from the See of Canterbury

Commenting on the news of the planned retirement of Dr. Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury, Abba Seraphim said that his scholarly and pastoral qualities would be greatly missed. During his time as Archbishop “he has gained the respect and affection of other Christian communities and has been a firm and dependable friend. Always ready to speak openly on behalf of  suffering Christians in a measured and positive manner, his understanding and sympathy for the spirituality and traditions of Orthodoxy have ensured a warm relationship.” During his primacy, the Church of England and the Anglican Communion have faced many divisive issues, but Dr. Williams has approached them all with unfailing courtesy,  integrity and tolerance. We wish him well in his new distinguished position as Master of  Magdalene College, Cambridge, and hope that we will continue to benefit from his scholarly and insightful writing.

Upcoming events

  • 4 October 2014
    • Morning Incense & Divine Liturgy: Portsmouth
      Morning Incense & Divine Liturgy 10am
  • 5 October 2014
    • Raising of Incense & Divine Liturgy: Doncaster
      Raising of Incense – 9:45am
      Divine Liturgy – 10:30am
    • Morning Prayer: Bournemouth
      Morning Prayer 10.00
  • 7 October 2014
    • Divine Liturgy: Morden College, London
      Divine Liturgy: 9.45am
  • 11 October 2014
    • Raising of Incense & Divine Liturgy: Shadwell
      9.30 am Raising of Incense
      10.00 am Liturgy of St. James
      11.45 am Refreshments

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