The British Orthodox Church
Metropolis of Glastonbury

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The Fellowship is made up of people from all Church backgrounds, and none, together with members and clergy of the British Orthodox Church.

We share a common desire to experience the Orthodox Faith as far as we are able, without demanding anything of our fellow members except that we pray for each other.

The members of the British Orthodox Fellowship do not have to be or become members of the British Orthodox Church.

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The only way to understand Orthodoxy is to experience it.

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Two Homilies on Martyrdom

Here, in two homilies preached in Anglican Churches commemorating St. Alban and St. Thomas of Canterbury; Abba Seraphim considers contemporary martyrs in unbroken witness with the Early Church. He highlights the need for Western Christians to show greater awareness of their testimony and deeper engagement with their needs.

British Orthodox Fellowship Handbook

This is the Handbook of the British Orthodox Fellowship. It has been published to help you experience something of the Orthodox faith and life of the British Orthodox Church whether you are a member of the British Orthodox Church, or of some other Christian community. Fundamentally, it is only by experiencing Orthodox faith and life for yourself that you will gain a personal appreciation of its power to transform the lives of British people.