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Election of New Pope brought forward

In an unexpected move, the date for electing the new Pope & Patriarch of Alexandria has been brought forward by almost a month, so that the elections previously set for 24 November will now take place on 29 October, preceded by three days of prayer and fasting. Polling will take place between 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. Cairo time and counting will take place directly following, with the results to be announced the same evening.  The three names receiving the greatest number of votes will then go forward for the Altar Ballot, which will now be held on Sunday, 4 November.

It is expected that the enthronement of the new Pope will take place on Sunday, 18 November to avoid the beginning of the Kiakh Fast, which starts on 25 November.


Upcoming events

  • 2 August 2014
    • Morning Prayer: Portsmouth
      Morning Prayer 10.00
  • 3 August 2014
    • Raising of Incense & Divine Liturgy: Doncaster
      Raising of Incense – 9:45am
      Divine Liturgy – 10:30am
    • Morning Prayer: Bournemouth
      Morning Prayer 10.00
    • Raising of Incense & Divine Liturgy: Babingley
      10.30 a.m. Morning Incense
      11.30 a.m. Divine Liturgy
  • 5 August 2014
    • Divine Liturgy: Morden College, London
      Divine Liturgy: 9.45am

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