Kathleen May WILLIAMS (1921-1998)

Kathy Williams was a practical and warm-hearted Yorkshirewoman possessed of a deep sense of the presence of God. Throughout her life, when domestic trials came thick and fast upon her, upsetting the stability of decades, she found a profound strength in her faith. Her prayer life was regular and committed and she learned to trust in the Lord she loved as a strength and support which she knew would not fail.

Born Kathy Ellis at Wath-on-Dearne, on 4th May 1921, she became a member of the Cusworth congregation in the 1950s when services were still held in the Hall Chapel and both her sons were servers. When the Orthodox Church took over the spiritual oversight of the Cusworth Church she was the only member of the dwindling former congregation remaining. She would later relate how, accompanied by her sister, she slipped into the empty church before a service to pray quietly. She found the interior much changed but after some time in silent prayer she announced that she distinctly felt the presence of God there and that it would remain her spiritual home. She was received into the Orthodox Church at Cusworth on 4th September 1988 and enthusiastically embraced the rich traditions and spirituality of Orthodoxy.

She was a highly respected member of the congregation and much loved by both the people and clergy. She retained a fine singing voice throughout her life and was never happier than when she was able to sing God’s praises in Church. When ill health kept her from attending, she nevertheless timed her prayers to ensure she was praying whilst the liturgy was in progress at church. Her qualities were recognised when she was invited to become a deaconess, but she felt that her age and general health prevented her from serving as she would wish. Sh died at Doncaster, South Yorkshire, on 13th December 1998 aged 77 years.

Abba Seraphim travelled to Cusworth to officiate at her funeral on 21st December and Archdeacon Alexander preached the address. Her ashes were buried in the churchyard at Cusworth.

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