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14-09-2013, 04:31 PM,
RE: Hi!
Dear Plgrim,

I think that most of us in the BOC can identify with your feeling, because we are almost entirely converted from other Christian traditions or none. You are perceptive in seeking your pearl of great price from Lewis's hall. As you imagine it takes some appreciation of the rooms to determine which one you should enter.

Although we are a small church numerically, and hence rather thinly spread about the country, we are nevertheless able to offer material which will help you to understand Orthodoxy in general and the BOC in particular. Father Simon Smyth (see website) has such material which he can offer you if you get in touch with him. Depending upon where you live there are clergy or members who may be able to speak to you. You will always be most welcome at one of our church services - see the BOC website for dates times and locations - and please do not worry that you won't know what's going on, we have all been there!

To understand more about Orthodoxy I recommend that you read 'The Orthodox Way', originally by Timothy Ware before his ordination as Kallistos Ware in the Russian Orthodox tradition. It gives not only an outline of Orthodoxy in general, but also his personal pilgrimage into the church. Although not specifically BOC it is very helpful. Copies of the book are usually available from Amazon etc.

If you have specific queries don't hesitate to put them on this forum, and one of us will try to help.

Adding you to our prayers,

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