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26-06-2012, 12:35 AM,
RE: Millenium
...Thank you for the reply.. For many years I battled with Eschatology also, and came to the conclusions I did solely from the almost universal assent given to pure Chiliasm by the ante-Nicene Fathers... It seems there were in the main three contributing factors which determined the eventual demise of the early view of the Fathers... The first ofcourse, was the heretic Cerinthus and his almost " fifth monarchist/ Camisard" view ( from what little we know of it) of the millenium; the second concerns the Septuagint chronology, which was much longer than the Hebrew and did not allow a millenial fulfillment past @ 600 AD.. When that era came and went without a Kingdom realized, the entire doctrine was abandoned and discarded; the third concerned the victories of the visible church from the time of Constantine, when it grew fat and comfortable in the world and thought that the Kingdom " had arrived", or was surely about to. To discard the pure Chiliast view and to persecute it on behalf of such a rejection, would be an ignoble slight on the earliest testimonies of the Fathers, to whose labors the post-Nicene Fathers owe much, if not almost everything... If there is anyone who is certain that I could not be admitted into the Coptic Orthodox Fold holding these primordial beliefs, please inform me of the fact, so that my exertions and sincere enquiries are no longer wasted... Peter Cvek...

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