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FR Serge Kelleher
27-08-2011, 10:29 AM,
FR Serge Kelleher
My brothers in Christ

Please remember in your prayers and at the Altar on Sunday the Very Reverend Archimandrite Serge Kelleher, a great friend of Abba Seraphim, of mine and of the BOC (who we took out to dinner in Dublin on my recent visit to the UK), Priest of the Greek Catholic Parish in Dublin, Editor of the Eastern Christian Journal, who has been admitted to hospital in a serious condition recently. Please ask all those known to you to also offer prayers for his recovery.

Currently, Fr Serge is heavily sedated in Saint James's Hospital in Dublin, recovering from surgery to stop internal bleeding in his stomach, with a tube in his stomach to deal with with this internal bleeding. Initially, he was admitted to hospital with extremely swollen legs, and suspected pneumonia. It was only when he started to bleed, and started to cough up blood; something more serious was suspected.

He is also being treated for a 'fatty liver', and a significant cause of his colon problems is due to the cholesterol-lowering statin drug. This is very serious, and it is not looking particularly good for Fr Serge.

Please prayer for the servant of God, the Archimandrite Serge!

In Xto

Fr Gregory

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