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Edict of Thessalonica discussion.
10-07-2011, 09:01 PM,
Hi Daniel
Interesting question, but:

my feeling is that the church is the sum of its parts; each of us has to examine and re-examine ourselves regularly, in the light of our current understanding and faith, and ask for assistance from Jesus Christ where we note we are failing and need His help. We form the church: without us as congregants and followers of Jesus Christ, it doesn't exist.

I am less interested in the structure and shortcomings of the path of the church itself. In the final analysis, it is our own individual growth that echoes in eternity, not the route that the church has taken by means of political acceptance. Jesus is interested in our hearts, not our worship structures.

I am sure that Christ Jesus knew the church, like everything else upon the planet, would have its challenges and faults, but still wanted it to grow so that each of us coming after the original brave disciples, can have the opportunity to find that which He intended us to find, e.g. His love, His forgiveness, and His Way.

From my perspective, as the church is indeed still doing that and providing the teachings that Jesus Christ intended it to provide, it has not lost its way at all, and is still feeding His flock, which is the point of its existence.

As I write this, I have been listening to 'Gladiator' on my CD player, and thinking about all those poor unfortunates who were thrown to the lions in the Coliseum. I also have a picture book of Roman Mosaics, where one unfortunate individual is shown meeting his end at the hands (or should I say, 'teeth'?) of a female lion gouging out his eye. This man may or many not have been a Christian, but many such were, and to my mind, they were just so brave, refusing to buckle just because a violent death was on offer. Had it not been for such individuals, we would never have had the opportunity to find our own relationship with Jesus, today.

It's incredible how the church has remained stalwart, through thick and thin, over 20 centuries. As it said on those DVDs that Father Simon sent me, Father David pointed out that the church remains because it is God's Will that it does so. Hallelujah!

Not sure my response is taking the discussion in the direction you might have intended - sorry, Daniel!

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