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Victims of the Massacre in Baghdad
02-11-2010, 07:17 AM,
Victims of the Massacre in Baghdad
Please pray for those that died at the hands of the extremists that stormed the Syrian Catholic Church of Our Lady of deliverence in Baghdad yesterday, and pray that their persecutors will see the error in their ways.

In Christ
"The true Christian is a warrior making his way through the regiments of the invisible enemy to his heavenly homeland." - St Herman of Alaska.
02-11-2010, 10:20 AM,
Victims of the Massacre in Baghdad
Let us pray for them, indeed!
Yesterday, 1st November, a joint statement was issued by the Syriac Orthodox, Syrian Catholic and Chaldean Catholic Churches in the UK which sent condolences to the bereaved family of Sunday's Martyrs in which, "we remind them of the promise made to them by our Lord Jesus Christ that they are now rejoicing in His Kingdom in Heaven..."
We also must pray for the injured, and for the protection of all Christians in Iraq.
Finally, as Christ commanded us to pray for our enemies and to answer evil with good, we pray for the souls of those who perpetrated this wicked act, that they may repent and beg God's mercy.

The Syriac-language Churches will be later circulating the names of the Martyrs.

Kirk Yacoub

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