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Communion into the hand.
17-06-2010, 08:28 AM,
There is an interesting account in the life of Pope Peter I of Alexandria (302-211) recounted by the distinguished Coptic writer, Father Tadros Malaty:

"There was a man in the city whose hands were crippled (twisted so that he could not straighten them at all). As there was a service, he went to the church and desired to receive the holy mysteries from the hands of the Pope, and because his hands were crippled he opened his mouth to receive them. The Pope said to him, 'My son, stretch forth your hands and take for yourself.' Immediately his hands became straight and he stretched them forth and received the holy mysteries, and glorified God."

The passage not only shows that Pope Peter had no problem about administering the sacrament into the hands but also implies that this was the normal tradition at that time.

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