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What is Baptism: A few musings.
25-05-2010, 09:34 PM,
[quote]Second, I have a new prayer life. Not only is the emphasis of the prayer different and in keeping with my acknowledgment of my personal sinfulness, but it has a new intensity which has brought an interesting consequence. I find my prayers are always being interrupted or distracted, and clearly Satan is getting worried!

This is very interesting as I also find recently that every time I sit down to pray, some 'thing', some 'noise' or some disruption/anxiety/event occurs - a horse bolting outside in the field, or someone bashing on the door, sirens on the road, the alarm clock going off - you name it, it happens!!!

I have not yet been baptised, and not yet even accepted as a catechumen (although this is in hand) but have had some profound and beautiful experiences as a result of my introduction to BOC. However, I have been taken aback by the 'co-incidence' of the timing of the distractions on every prayer occasion. I agree that probably, we meet the testing forces of the dark once we are clearly minded to become subsumed into the light of Christ.

I have never read that the path was easy.

The thoughts about Baptism are fascinating and I look forward to my own.

Technical point (I am trying to visualise it) - what were you baptised IN..? A pool? extra-large font? Portsmouth Harbour? :lol:

p.s. please excuse my technical ignorance about the delineation for quotes...hopeless :oops:

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