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Some Liturgical Questions
24-05-2010, 10:38 AM,
I am happy to receive any and all questions...with the single qualification that I may not be able to answer some of them!

I had the inestimable advantage of being trained by (I suspect he would object to the description!) an ultra-conservative, extremely traditionalist, former Abbot of an ultra-conservative monastery - and I took very extensive notes! And I have the text of his lectures on ritual theology....

If liturgy is to have any meaning, it must be explained. This is not the same as saying "I agree with the explanation". To engage in ritual without understanding comes close to "magic" and heresy.

So - feel free to ask! I will feel free to say "I don't know" or (as with the ostrich eggs and the rats!), I'll feel free to say "The official explanation is.....but historically....."

Fr Gregory

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