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Some Liturgical Questions
24-05-2010, 10:02 AM,
Dear Father Gregory,

Thank you so much for these details. As a recent convert from RCC there are so many tiny things that I notice, and promptly forget to ask about when next I see my priest. And also there are things he taught me that I have forgotten - my excuse is amnesia from advancing years!

This is exactly the sort of thing that must crop up constantly with newcomers and enquirers. Indeed, in my parish we have been considering producing an 'idiots guide' to Orthodoxy to explain such matters. Would you object to us using your answers in such a booklet, to prevent us having to re-invent the wheel?

You hint that you have more of this kind of thing, and it would be most interesting to have any further data and ideas if you can find time to add to your latest thread. I am thinking in particular of defining/explaining the terms used which obviously come from non-English origins for the benefit of those of us who are not educated in such languages. I know it is possible to ask one's priest, but in the BOC with our geographic sparcity this is not always convenient at the time when the question arises, and hence a written source of simple explanations would seem to have merit.
With love and prayers,

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