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Finding out
13-05-2010, 07:06 AM,
Enquirers Course
Dear Tom,

As a follow on from the postings by Daniel and Antony-Paul I can explain that we have a series of 6 DVDs each containing 2 lectures and that these 12 lectures work through the basics of Orthodox Christian belief. There is also some supplementary reading to accompany some of the lectures. We are happy to post you a set for you to work your way through and also will be happy for you to ask any questions whatever that you have. My email is <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> - if you want to email me an address I will do my best to post a set to you before leaving for Egypt this Sunday. I can also include a DVD of British Orthodox worship.

As well as studying the enquirers' course I also recommend to people to buy a copy of the British Orthodox prayer book Glory to God which can be bought from Lulu publishers (I think there may be a link through the British Orthodox website). There is a handy pocket sized edition now available.

If you want any insight into the course and whether they have found it any help you could always ask several people on here what they thought of it, for example vrc, DanielM, Edmund.

Hope this helps – will include you in those we bring before God by name in the sacred heart of the Liturgy when we celebrate Ascension Day in our Bournemouth Church this afternoon.


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