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Online Orthodox education programme
12-02-2007, 09:15 PM,
Hi everyone

We are still working hard on producing some instructional materials, but we want them to be of a high quality, and of use to the people who use them - people like yourselves.

It is appropriate that members of the Fellowship be able to feed back directly about the quality and content of the materials we produce to support Fellowship education. So I believe it useful that we discuss things here openly and draw on the widest range of comments from members of the Fellowship and the British Orthodox Church.

I have uploaded one draft module I have produced myself. Some other friends have looked it over and made suggestions. I would value any others here also downloading it and working through it and giving some feedback here.

The module is in pdf format and is here:

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Perhaps you could offer comments on:

i. The academic level of the module. Is it too easy, too hard, or just right?

ii. What about the way it is laid out, the various sections etc?

iii. What about the content? Is it too spiritual or too doctrinal or too historic? Or is it balanced OK.

iv. This is only a work in progress. What topics would you choose if there were a range of modules available?

v. If we were to produce several levels of study, for instance:

a. Introduction level as a broad basis

b. Catechesis for ongoing preparation and investigation

c. Development for those who have joined the Church perhaps

d. Ministry for those entering into various ministries

how long would you expect the Introduction level to last? Four lessons? Six lessons? The idea would be to cover the whole range of Orthodox life and thought very briefly and broadly. Then the Catechesis level would go into more detail.

How would folk think about the Introduction Level containing:

a. What is British Orthodoxy module

b. History module

c. Spirituality module

d. Doctrinal module

e. Tradition module

f. Liturgy module

Not necessarily in that order or containing any of those modules of course? Or is there something missing?

I hope that many people will comment. We can only succeed in producing something useful if we can produce something that people will want to use. So please comment in general, and about the contents of a limited Introduction Level programme.

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