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BOC and Marriage
31-05-2010, 07:15 PM,
I too have a non-Orthodox wife. I have the deepest respect for her retention of her RC position. Yes, perhaps if I am totally honest, I would be delighted if she became Orthodox, but I have to say I will never attempt to pressure her in any way.

It seems to me that that would be achieving the change for the wrong reasons. I feel that she should not come to the OC because I am pressuring her or making her feel somehow guilty just because we have two different takes on Christianity. If she is to join us it has to be because it is correct for her, and what she wants to do without any coercion. Of course, I pray for her constantly, and would be so happy if she converted. But I recognise that we need to allow the Holy Ghost the opportunity to influence her. My influence is restricted to the example of OC practice and explaining things when she enquires about it.

Perhaps if she was not Christian it might be a different story, but she is, and it isn't!

Maybe this is off topic for marriage, specifically, but it raises the question of how we go about drawing people into the OC, and maybe missionary activity in general.
With love and prayers,
31-05-2010, 10:34 PM,
trespaser5 Wrote:My wife and I were married anglican a year ago, my wife isn't quite as enthusiastic about orthodoxy as I am so I was hoping to draw her in with the prospect of a orthodox wedding as you think that might be sinful ????? :lol:

I concur with Antony-Paul on this.

If she wishes to become Orthodox it is a commitment, and I don't think offering the extra wedding is the right way to go about it.

I was reading on another forum a few days ago about a young Coptic girl in America whose fiance was considering baptism. She was worried that he was just considering Baptism so they could get married. Someone asked if he would have joined the Orthodox Church if they were no together, and this pretty much killed the conversation.

You need to think about whether your wife would consider Orthodoxy for what it offers her in itself, rather than tempting her into it she needs to be willing to become Orthodox in herself.
"The true Christian is a warrior making his way through the regiments of the invisible enemy to his heavenly homeland." - St Herman of Alaska.
01-06-2010, 08:24 AM,
BOC and marriage
This makes me realize how fortunate I am to be a member of the Syriac Orthodox Church in which marriages with Roman Catholics are canonically allowed due to an agreement between the two Churches.

Kirk Yacoub

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