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Tares and Wheat
23-04-2010, 11:17 AM,
Dear Antony-Paul,

You touch on such an important aspect of our spiritual lives that your plea for as much advice as possible is one I would acho.

I think the key, in so far as there is a single one, is to be found in what Fr. Gregory says about our developing relationship with God.

How much time in the average day do we devote to this? And yet we know from our experiences in the world that relationships need to be 'worked on', they don't just happen. But how often is our relationship with God like a disfunctional marriage? We knows He love us, and we take Him for granted. He'll be there when we need Him, but of course, we are terrifically busy and don't always have the time to tell Him we love Him, or even to talk to Him; how fortunate we are that we know He'll understand this.

Maybe that's just me, of course :oops:

But I suspect it isn't. Of course He does love us, and, in fact, the only person who suffers in that kind of relationship is us, because we are not doing what Fr. Gregory implicitly recommends - that is developing a relationship. If I remember to talk to Him every morning, and to leave time to listen to what He is saying to me, and if I do the same in the evening, then there is some sort of development. If I make time to read His words and to think about them, there is some development.

But then the excuses come. I am fearfully busy (one of my students who consulted my secretary about a time for a meeting recently told me she was 'sorry to bother me' because she's seen how packed my diary was); that is true. But can I really not find even ten minutes a day? Of course I can. It takes me a couple of hours a day to drive to and from workl, and now Terry Wogan is gone from Radio 2 I have no excuse for not putting on a CD of Bible study or reflection, or just some Gregorian Chant.

And then, of course, I'm tired and don't have time in the evenings, family of something else calls. Then I remember that my spiritual and real life are, in fact, one. How do I relate to my wife and family? Am I in any way an icon of Christian life, however marred and obscured the picture might be? If I'm not, then there is a work there for me to do.

Over the years this seems to be the one thing I have learned, that any attempt to separate out my religious life from my real life induces failure in both. I can't just be a Christian on Sundays or when I am praying; I have to walk in His way every day, and I have to face the shame of frequent failure without it discouraging me from trying again.

At the very least, morning and evening prayers are an aid in helping me ground the rest of the day in Him.

It would be good to know from others how they handle these matters.

In Christ,

In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins. (1 John 4:10)

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