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Iraq's forgotten conflict
10-04-2010, 09:25 AM,
iraq's forgotten conflict
The programme in question did focus on the Chaldean Church as well as Anglicans, but no-one listening to the programme who did not already have some knowledge of Iraqi Christianity would still not know who the Chaldeans really are. Since HH Patriarch Athanasios Zaka I Iwas is quite often in contact with the Archbishop of Canterbury, then it should have been much easier for the Archbishop to have given a better appraisal of the situation in Iraq than he did. Though I suspect that HH the Patriarch's views would not be quite so acceptable to the BBC.
The notion that Iraq was a Christian kingdom before Islam is erroneous simply because Iraq as a state was created by the British Foreign Office after the First World War. The religious as well as secular history of an are that was once part of the Persian and then Ottoman empires is a very complex one, but there was nver a Christian kingdom.

Kirk Yacoub

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