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Afew Questions
30-03-2010, 05:42 PM,
Afew Questions
Hi my name is Kyle. I am fairly new to christianity as a whole but came to church about a year ago and have taken a rollercoaster ride of a journey since. I have thought hard about the basic questions and now feel in my heart that Christ is in my life. However the church I am going to is Anglican with strong evangalistic leanings and although I love the spirit of worship and the fact that the church is a local community centre I felt I wanted more, especially more in deeper theological direction. It was then that I stumbled accross a Podcast by Father Thomas Hopko and I have been listening to these daily and absolutly loved the insight he has given me and as I have researched Orthodoxy more and more the more it strikes a chord in my heart. However I am worried that Orthodoxy would not view me in such a favorable light. I am 22 and I got married last july a woman 10 years my elder, she has been married before and was divorced because of infidelity on her ex's behalf would this be ok within your church tradition ? We had also been trying for a baby before that (that was before we knew any better) and had found out I was infertile, we had waited a long time and eventually had IVF. I'm not sure how your church stands on this but I have another four embryos frozen and we can't think of not going through another cycle as we're not willing to let any die. I did ask for guidance on this from our current vicar and we prayed about it and to be honest I find it a miracle that it even worked and allowing it to be successful could have been God's way of answering out prayers. I just wanted to get some ideas about if we'd be accepted as if we do start to get involved in the orthodox community in Bristol I don't want any skeletons in our closet.
Take Care

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