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Holy Spirit as the third person
24-02-2010, 06:03 PM,
Holy Spirit as the third person
Can anyone help me here with a discussion I have been following between protestants and Jehovah's Witness.
My Koine Greek is non-existent.

He claims that in the original Greek the Holy Spirit is not referred to as He or in any way referred to as a person.

Here's an example of one of the things he says.

"Are lay Trinitarians misled by Trinitarian scholars who seem to mistranslate Greek pronouns into the wrong English pronouns, as is seen in texts like John 14:16, 17, and 26 where they translate the Greek "pneuma hagion" [?holy spirit?] by the English pronouns ?he, him and whom??
Does this seem rather misleading, wrong and smacks of theological bias?
Why do some texts refer to the "Holy Spirit" as "he"?"

He then goes on to say;

"Clearly ?he? is a ?pronoun?, whereas, the Greek clearly has ?ekeinos? [?that one?] at John 16:13, which is not the pronoun ?he? as you make out, but more correctly, a demonstrative pronoun! Why have I raised this point with you? It is to show that ?subtle? difference and here is how and why!
A pronoun will refer to a person i.e. ?he? or ?whom? in English, whereas, the demonstrative English pronoun will specifically point out i.e. identify the pronoun [person], such as, ?that xxxx?, so that, we have in English ?that one? and here we see that the demonstrative ?that? is pointing to or referring to that which comes under the term ?one?! But it is not as simple as that, as you may now begin to appreciate?!

What you have done and you are not on your own here, which really shows your limitations with how Greek works, due to theological bias and possible ignorance, is to turn things upside down, in that, you have called a demonstrative pronoun ?that one? a ?pronoun? ?he?, when clearly the rules of Greek grammar clearly say otherwise?! "

Surely he is not correct. Unfortunately it would take me years to learn Koine Greek. Any one on here with a decent knowledge.

I would also point out that the Holy Spirit was believed in as a person right at the start of Christianity in the 1st century so those early Christians would have been Greek speakers and would have understood the nuances perfectly, and yet they still believed in Him as a person. However, if what this guy says is true it will make arguing for the Trinity with JWs very difficult.

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