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Hello from San Diego
31-12-2009, 09:45 PM,
Hello from San Diego
Hello to everyone. I am currently attending services at St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in San Diego, California.

I pray for the day that full unity is restored between the Eastern, and Oriental Orthodox jurisdictions. At present, St. Paul's Syrian Orthodox Church holds services at St. George's on Sunday evenings. That is wonderful, and a sign of progress in the right direction.

I am still at the inquirer stage, and I hope to receive Chrismation into the Serbian Church in the near future. Our priest, Father Bratso Krsic, is a wonderful priest and has made me feel very welcome.

I purchased the BOF prayer book and study guide, and I am enjoying reading both very much. I have 23 years in the printing trade and both are well printed, good quality stock, and well bound. A great bargain for the price I might add.

There is a Coptic Church in San Diego as well, St. Demiana's which I would enjoy visiting one day.

Though I am entering the Serbian Orthodox Church, I am one of those that believes we are all Orthodox Christians, the Eastern, and Oriental. I long for the day that our respective jurisdictions are in full communion with one another.

I look forward to learning here at the forum and wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

My Church is on the Julian Calendar, so Christmas will be on Thursday, January the 7th.

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