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British Orthodox Sundays, Feasts & Fasts 2010
24-12-2009, 12:33 PM,
British Orthodox Sundays, Feasts & Fasts 2010
2010 dates for Sundays, feasts and fasts according to the British Orthodox Church calendar are as follows:


January 1st Circumcision
January 3rd Second Sunday in Tubah
January 5th Theophany Fast (1 day)
January 6th Theophany
January 8th Marriage Feast in Cana
January 10th Third Sunday in Tubah
January 17th Fourth Sunday in Tubah
January 21st Dormition of St Mary
January 24th Fifth Sunday in Tubah
January 25th-27th Fast of Jonah (3 days)
January 28th Feast of Jonah
January 31st Amshir 1
February 2nd Purification/Presentation
February 7th Sunday before Lent
February 8th First Day of Great Lent (55 days, incl. Holy Week)
February 14th First Sunday in Lent
February 21st Second Sunday in Lent
February 28th Third Sunday in Lent
March 6th Feast of the Holy Cross
March 7th Fourth Sunday in Lent
March14th Fifth Sunday in Lent
March 21st Sixth Sunday in Lent
March 25th Annunciation
March 27th Lazarus Saturday
March 28th Palm Sunday
April 1st Holy Thursday
April 2nd Good Friday
April 3rd Joyous Saturday
April 4th Great and Holy Pascha
April 11th Pentecost 1 (St Thomas Sunday)
April 18th Pentecost 2
April 25th Pentecost 3
May 2nd Pentecost 4
May 9th Pentecost 5
May 13th Ascension
May 16th Pentecost 6
May 19th Entry of Holy Family into Egypt
May 23rd Holy Pentecost
May 24th-June 28th Apostles Fast (36 days)
May 30th First Sunday in Baounah
June 6th Second Sunday in Baounah
June 13th Third Sunday in Baounah
June 20th Fourth Sunday in Baounah
June 26th First Sunday in Abib
June 29th The Apostles: St Peter & St Paul
July 4th Second Sunday in Abib
July 11th Third Sunday in Abib
July 18th Fourth Sunday in Abib
July 25th First Sunday in Misra
July 25th-August 8th St Mary?s Fast (15 days)
July 31st Annunciation of St Mary
August 1st Second Sunday in Misra
August 6th Transfiguration
August 8th Third Sunday in Misra
August 9th Assumption of St Mary
August 15t Fourth Sunday in Misra
August 22nd Fifth Sunday in Misra
August 29th First Sunday in Tut (British Orthodox New Year)
September 5th Second Sunday in Tut
September 12th Third Sunday in Tut
September 14th-16th Feast of the Holy Cross
September 19th Fourth Sunday in Tut
September 26th Fifth Sunday in Tut
October 3rd First Sunday in Babah
October 10th Second Sunday in Babah
October 17th Third Sunday in Babah
October 24th Fourth Sunday in Babah
October 31st First Sunday in Hatour
November 7th Second Sunday in Hatour
November 12th First day of pre-Christmas Advent Fast (43 days)
November 14th Third Sunday in Hatour
November 21st Fourth Sunday in Hatour
November 28th First Sunday in Kiahk
November 29th Presentation of St Mary
December 5th Second Sunday in Kiahk
December 12th Third Sunday in Kiahk
December 19th Fourth Sunday in Kiahk
December 25th Christmas Day ? The Nativity
December 26th Fifth Sunday in Kiahk

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