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Anglicanorum coetibus and Orthodoxy
21-12-2009, 10:00 AM,
anglicanorum coetibus and orthodoxy
If I may add a few thoughts to this thread having only just read through it,
I would like to say that, as a convert to Orthodoxy from nothing (I was educated at so-called CofE schools but never practised the faith) and being married to a Polish Roman Catholic, I have a slightly different approach to these matters. Whatever goes on in other Christian communities, no matter how much we disagree with them, must be of interest to us because it gives us an idea of how to approach those who are not Orthodox in order to help them come to us. As a Syriac Orthodox Christian I am able to receive communion at all Roman Catholic services, and my wife is able to receive communion at all Syriac Orthodx services. This has been so for 25 years. The Syriac Church will commune anyone who has been canonically baptised, including Eastern Orthodox Christians, but excluding protestants. All this is done without altering our faith and our canon law.
When I asked to be baptised into the Church I was only asked one question: "Do you believe that Jesus Christ is God?" My affirmation was enough to begin the process. For those already active in the Anglican Church this might present a stumbling-block, because not all C of E members would confess this basic tenet of faith. Although it is officially acceptable for Eastern Orthodox priests to commune Oriental Orthodox Christians, with the Bishop's permission, this is not done everywhere and leads to friction and hurt.
It seems to me that whereas, objectively, the Oriental and Eastern Orthodox Churches and the Roman Catholic Churches have enough common ground to be able to work together in many areas, thus striving to welcome the Holy Spirit as the Divine force which will bring us full unity, the Church of England, and other Anglicans are often very far away. Therefore it is right to say that there can be no half-way house, either a person is Orthodox or they are not, and to be Orthodox is to confess fully our faith and abide by our practises.
With prayers,
#Kirk Yacoub

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