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Death of Annice Bourke
15-07-2009, 04:33 PM,
Death of Annice Bourke
Last Sunday we learned of the death of Annice Bourke, widow of Father Philip Bourke and a long-term member of our Charlton congregation.

After the death of Father Philip in 2005 she gradually lost her purpose and there were increasingly signs of dementia, which was especially difficult for someone who was lively and outgoing and, in her day, had been a senior civil servant in the old Air Ministry. This coupled with increasing frailty (she was 88 last February) was a source of anxiety to friends and neighbours.

She was found dead at home after neighbours alerted the police and we are awaiting information from the Coroner's court about the cause of death and the funeral arrangements. She will be commemorated at the Liturgy at Charlton this coming Sunday (19 July) but she is commended to the prayers of all members of the Fellowship.

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